Professional disability insurance for flight attendants (fitness to fly)

Your flight permission and the associated medical fitness secure your regular income and thus your standard of living for you.

As a flight attendant you are more at risk of being unfit to fly. However as long as you are only "unfit to fly" and not disabled, according to legal regulations, you may be relegated to any other occupation.

We have recognised this risk and created an insurance package to minimise it.

We offer customisable, first-class conditions.

The loss of occepation insurance for flight attendants
  • Cover for Accidental Death, Accident & Illness Loss of Sight, Limb, Speech or Hearing and/or Accident & Illness Permanent Total Disablement.
  • Cover is also available without accidental death or as a temporary total disablement cover.
  • Potential coverage until the age of 67. The contract is renewed from year to year and can be adjusted from both sides due to the main renewal date.
  • We have waived the option of requesting that you seek other work. This means that you can work in any other occupation after losing your profession without this affecting your entitlement to the one-off lump-sum payment.
  • One-off lump-sum payment – no risk of your monthly annuity being cut or stopped
  • Same premiums for men and women. As a risk premium that is fixed in each age-dependent.
  • With our NCB tariff, you can reduce your premium by 20% from the 2nd year of insurance!

In addition, the following benefits apply:

  • Insurance coverage world-wide.
  • Extended war risk clause (deployment of German armed forces, police or UN).
  • No surprise clauses.
  • Customer-friendly application questions.
  • Annual query of the sum insured and medical conditions to avoid over- or under-insurance.
  • Sum insured of up to five times your annual income, maximum CHF 5,000,000.
  • The policy can be issued in the German or English language.
  • The insurance currency can be EUR, CHF, USD or GBP.
  • You can contribute annually, semi-, quarterly or monthly pay. For the latter, however, with a Rate surcharge.

Please note:

You can live and work anywhere in the San Marino, Switzerland or United Kingdom, the insurance coverage is provided worldwide.


Your airline must not be on the "black list".

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